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College application essays and personal statements for graduate school: high stakes, high anxiety. I’ve been there.

But I wrote through the pressure and into my dream schools.

I’ve also been a full-time editor for 12 years. To me, editing isn’t just checking spelling and punctuation. Editing is helping you find — and share — your story. 


With my experience as an applicant and as an editor, here’s what I can help you with:
• brainstorming 
• identifying events you can turn into an essay
• developing an outline
• revising rough drafts
• finding the meaning in your story — and the payoff for the reader
• asking questions that will help you focus and sharpen your writing
• shaping, refining, and polishing the final version
• proofreading for grammar, style, and clarity
I’ve written essays that make an impact. So can you.
Contact me to find out more about my editing services and rates.
Editing services
HomeEditing servicesPublicationsAbout meTestimonials

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